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Best Apps For Event Planners

Best apps for event planners

One of the many jobs I had before having kids was that of an Operations Manager at a Destination Management company, which is essentially an event planner for large-scale corporate meetings and conventions. I still sometimes freelance as an event planner and here are my must-have-apps when planning a large scale event or meeting.


AccuWeather (FREE) – We all know how unpredictable and finicky the weather can be, but with an app like AccuWeather we can at least be notified ahead of time of what the rain and sun gods have in store for our outdoor events.


Around Me (FREE) – Need to find the nearest drug store, bank or Starbucks for yourself or a client? This is app is a must-have!


Sunrise Sunset Lite (FREE) – No, it isn’t the song from Fiddler on the Roof that makes moms cry, it’s a simple app that will tell you sunrise and sunset times of any location for any date.


Flight Tracker App (FREE!) or Flight Track ($4.99) – Get world-wide, real-time flight status for that important client you’re picking up or the VIP attendees that require personalized sedan transfers with either of these two free apps.


Convert (FREE!) – Be the hero in a pinch when your client needs to figure out how to convert inches to yards or liters to gallons (for who knows why?) with this easy app that converts currencies, temperature, pressure, weight, volume, length, times, energy, power, speed and area in seconds.


Super Planner – Event Planning App ($9.99) – Though this one is a little pricey, it is well worth it. This app can do everything from calculate gratuity to determine venue capacity. It is chock full of pertinent information and planning tools.


What are some of your favorite event planning apps?


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