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Why Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Summer Home in South Jersey

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Hey all, I hope your enjoying your summer! I have some tips for those of you who are looking to sell your South Jersey vacation home.  Most importantly, don’t wait until summer is over. Many homeowners wait until summer ends before putting their home on the market.


Here’s why that’s a bad idea:


1)  The spring selling season wipes out our inventory, leaving no homes to sell to interested buyers in the summer.


2)  There are thousands of potential buyers in the summer months, making it a good time to expose your property.


3)  Inventory goes way up in the fall, meaning there won’t be any buyers paying top dollar because no one wants to carry the property to next spring to get the income.


There are many reasons you may not want to put your home on the market during the summer months. Whether you don’t want to bother your renters or you simply want to collect summer income, there are many good reasons selling your home in the summer may not interest you.  However, there is a way to put your home on the market in the summer months without losing summer income and without hassling your tenants.


Here’s how:


1)  We show your property during the change-overs: From 10 am-2 pm on Saturdays. Your tenants will not be bothered and interested buyers can see the property during peak season.


2)  The summer market is as strong as the spring: With so many  people flooding South Jersey during the most beautiful time of the year, tenants often ask about purchasing property upon check out.


3) Sell in the summer, close in the winter: You can still collect income from summer renters, and the deal is closed by the end of the year.


Selling in the summer is the best way you can get the maximum price for your home, keep your income, and minimize expenses. The important thing to remember is that today’s tenants are tomorrow’s buyers!

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