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Ocean City NJ Hurricane Sandy, YouTube Video Footage

Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City New Jersey: A collection of YouTube Videos posted during the first few days of the 100 year Super Storm:
Oct 29 thru Oct 31, 2012








Hurricane Sandy attacks 53rd St in

Ocean City Oct 29, 2012 7:20pm


Hurricane Sandy Ocean City New Jersey


Hurricane Sandy Monday video #3
Ocean City NJ 10-29-12


hurricane sandy storm surge and flooding
+ the aftermath in ocean city, nj


Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City, NJ

A photo slideshow of Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City, NJ from Oct. 26 through Nov. 1
as compiled by The Ocean City Gazette


A.M. High Tide, Ocean City, New Jersey, Oct. 29, 2012

1st Street & Bay Avenue


Approaching the second high tide, Monday late afternoon (night)
which was higher & worse than the morning high tide (Monday, May 29th)



Hurricane Sandy – 52nd Street, Ocean City, NJ
10/30/2012, 3:00pm


Hurricane Sandy-Aerial View Of Seaside Hieghts,
New Jersey Coastline Aftermath


Fox news on NJ coverage, including OCNJ





Gov Christie Sandy


Eastern U.S. shocked by massive damage,
flooding from Sandy – Rough Cuts


Hurricane Sandy: Atlantic City Coast
Destroyed by ‘Perfect Storm’


Hurricane Sandy Ocean City

Local Surfers “Surf” the flooded streets in Ocean City NJ


Hurricane Sandy tide rises Ocean City NJ


Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm-
MONDAYmorning10-29-12- Flooding Severe


Hurricane Sandy passed over flooded Ocean City NJ-


Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Ocean City


Hurricane Sandy Ocean City Day 3


 Hurricane Sandy Approaches,
Ocean City , New Jersey








Sandy Slams Ocean City NJ

 Ocean City Real Estate GroupOcean City NJ Real Estate Group