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Ocean City, NJ Named #1 in The Most Wanted ‘Second Home’ Spots in the U.S.!

Ocean City, New Jersey- $525,000 median asking price

Ocean City is definitely a hot spot for holiday homes. People have begun to flock to this city as of late – and bets are, this is primarily because of the hit television show Jersey Shore. The show advertised the beautiful shore and all of the excitement that it had to offer, drawing international attention to the relatively modest beach resort. The asking price for a holiday home in Ocean City may can appear steep until you consider the benefits. Ocean City is only 2 hours from New York, located in the heart of the Jersey Shore, and it boasts the title – or so the claim goes – of America’s best family resort. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach, a buzzing nightlife, or family attractions – and regardless of your age – this is definitely the place to set your sights when it comes to picking a holiday home destination. If you’ve got over half a million dollars going, that is. named Ocean City, NJ #1 in The Most Wanted ‘Second Home’ Spots in the U.S.!

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